Cyber Research Experts Syllabus

לוגו אינפינטי לאבס
לוגו אינפינטי לאבס

Infinity’s Curriculum Philosophy

Our goal is to provide all participants the skills and know-how to be ever-evolving cyber research experts. Even as they learn one particular technical stack, Infinity provides participants with what it takes to be well-rounded, “can-do” professionals who can independently migrate to new platforms and technologies throughout their careers. Our training equips them with the fundamentals and resources that enable this flexible technical agility.

Our goal and distinguishing hallmark is the transformation of our trainees into consummate professionals, who are not only capable of independently learning new technologies, but whose work habits and professionalism reflect the highest level of excellence. Our proprietary syllabi are designed to enable our participants to reach those objectives.

Graduates of our Cyber Research track gain a holistic view of the different roles in the arena of cyber security. Our comprehensive mentor-based training, with its in-depth exposure to the most current and relevant technologies, techniques and theory, best prepares our graduates for the various roles the industry has to offer.

Our rich program content and renowned training methodology – with its bottom-up learning structure that includes a thorough basis of software development prerequisites – gives our graduates a solid foundation in the most sought-after tools and skills of the profession, for successfully integrating into the range of challenging positions within the field of cyber.

OS Essentials:

  • Memory management
  • File systems
  • Multi-processing & threading
  • IPC
  • Build processes & formats
  • Kernel internals
  • Scheduling


  • Procedural programming & OOP
  • C
  • Python
  • Compilation processes & internals
  • System programming
  • Memory management
  • Software development paradigms


  • OSI model
  • TCP/IP stack – traps & pitfalls
  • Routing
  • Sniffers & monitors
  • Protocol reversing
  • Network architectures & design
  • Network programming & tools
  • Network peripherals
  • Wireless infrastructure
  • Common application protocols 
  • VPN internals

Cyber Security:

  • Cyber Killchain
  • MITRE ATT&CK Framework overview
  • Offensive Cyber operations
  • Cyber incidents details overview
  • Cyber Methodologies

Offensive Cyber:

  • Writing offensive Cyber toolkit
  • System exploitations
  • Web technology exploitations
  • Vulnerability research overview
  • MITRE att&ck framework – Offensive overview
  • Infrastructure exploitations
  • CVE’s and 0 days
  • Attack methodologies

Cyber Defense:

  • Defense methodologies
  • Cyber security technologies
  • SOC environments
  • Data analysis & Analytics
  • Incident response
  • Writing & Deploying defensive tools
  • MITRE att&ck framework – Defensive overview
  • Cyber defense evaluation

Cyber Research:

  • Process evaluation
  • Research methodologies
  • Writing reports
  • Incident investigation
  • Understanding cyber advisories
  • Building research environment
  • Research communications
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